Escape to/from Batemans Bay

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9 Oct 2008

OK so the family has dragged you down to Batemans Bay again. What to do? When it comes to a decent road ride around the Batemans Bay area there aren’t too many options. According to the map the only substantial loop is from Batemans Bay down the Princess Hwy to Moruya and then back north along the coast.So given I was stuck in this dire predicament I decided to give it go.

Starting from Batemans Bay you encounter the biggest climb on the road to Mogo. The road is in excellent condition with a wide shoulder which provides a reasonably safe ride. Only place the shoulder narrows is through Mogo but the speed limit is reduced to 50 km/hr so I guess that evens it out. All in All the south bound leg is excellent with plenty of short climbs to keep it interesting. Sunday morning is pretty quiet and in total I was passed by two cars on this leg.

After Moruya there is a long flat stretch lasting about 15kms, the road once again was quiet and in excellent condition. After Broulee the road becomes undulating again but nothing like the hills on the Princess highway.

All up I would highly recommend this ride and if 65kms is more than you would like to do then there is always the turn at Mogo to the coast or the turnoff to Broulee to shorten the ride.

Cycling Batemans Man

map of the route

Batemans Bay elevation

elevation of the route

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