My tips for the Olympic Road Race

Well the sceptic in me would suggest the follow

I believe the Adidas/British team are going to be hard to beat, as one of the primary sponsors to the games I’m pretty sure the win was written into the sponsorship agreement and the incredibly low prices at the Adidas store will surely give them the competitive edge.

Of course you can’t discount the Westfield/Australian team, the routing of the road race through the Westfield mall was a master stroke and should give the team some home ground advantage. I believe the team have been doing some high escalator training and this is sure to pay off in the later stages of the race.

Unfortunately I can’t see McDonalds/USA team figuring in the final standings, despite bringing the largest McDonalds team/store to the games, the lack of a drive through service is really going to slow the team down through the feed zone.

As for the Omega/Swiss team, I believe they will get their timing all wrong and miss the critical breaks.

The attacks from the Samsung/Korean team are largely going to be negated by Apple however this is somewhat controversial as Apple are not an official sponsor of the games and this will be seen as ambush (marketing) attack.

While Panasonic/Japanese team are not in medal contention, they will look great on the new Panasonic VIErA TVs which have been released just in time for the games.

And the Dow team, despite investing heavily in the games will come undone by the disastrous pre season training camp they had in Bhopal.


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