Lookout Hill Elders Time Trial

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16 Feb 2009

Here is a summary of time trial conducted by the ACT vets on the 15/02/09

Distance: 18:15km
Temp °C: 13.9
App Temp °C: 12.7
Rel Hum %: 86
Wind Dir: SSE
Wind Speed: 9km/hr
Wind Gust: 13 km/hr

I thought it was an excellent course, flat enough to get a good rhythm going but still has a kick on the return leg getting up lookout hill. The SSE wind made the run to Point Hut nice and easy giving people a false sense of security, only to have the uphill battle and the head wind on the return leg.

As for my performance, quite happy after my first time trial in 18 years, covering the course in 29:39 minutes at an average speed of 36.8 km/hr using a standard road bike with “aero” bars attached.



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