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A road less travelled – Canberra to Mullion

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15 Mar 2009

I know just about every roadie in Canberra does the Uriarra loop. In the anti clockwise direction we all go down the hill to Uriarra crossing and turn left and go back up the hill. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you went straight at the intersection?
Well this is the road less travelled, [...]

Here is a summary of Scratch race conducted by the ACT Vets on the 08/03/09
Distance: 40:05km for all grades
Temp °C: 15.2
App Temp °C: 14.6
Rel Hum %: 80
Wind Dir: ESE
Wind Speed: 6km/hr
Wind Gust: 7 km/hr
Avg Speed (B Grade): 35.1km/hr
Perfect conditions for racing and what appeared to be a good turn out for a club race. So [...]

This was reproduced from a work forum and is an interesting read
NDT Capability when inspecting Carbon Fiber Bike frames.
Carbon Fiber bike frames are very difficult test and for that reason alone, most reputable manufactures will actually just replace the fame under warranty as long as the original owner has not abused the frame.
Checking if a [...]

Here’s a surprise. I’ve been having problems with my Garmin Training Centre software crashing continually, as I don’t use TC as my authoritative cycling dairy I wasn’t too worried so I lived with the application crashes. Every time the application crashed it would present the usual application error and ask that you send it to [...]