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Canberra’s Best Kept Secret Climb

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29 Jul 2008

As I discovered on the weekend you can actually ride (a road bike) to the top of Mt Majura. I had long held suspicions about this since last summer when I ran to the top and found the road up there but it wasn’t until this weekend I discovered how to get on that road. [...]

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The rebuilding of my pride and joy a  PDM team bike used in the 1988 Tour de France
As this project progresses I’ll have some more details but here is the bike in its current condition.

Cyclist often refer the the gradient of a climb in terms of a percentage. The gradient when measured in percentage is just the (horizontal distance / vertical climb) * 100. So you get the idea if I travel 100 m and rise 8 metres that’s 8% gradient. While that may not sound difficult over [...]