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Garmin 305 Edge: Essential training tool or just a neat gadget?

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27 Apr 2008

Here is the ultimate gadget for all the geeks out there who love to cycle. While the 305 Edge may not be the latest offering from Garmin but it is still a great tool for optimising your training. With the introduction of the 705 Edge the price of these devices has really come down, I’ve [...]

Buy it online

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25 Apr 2008

We had a recent discussion at work about our preferred online bike stores and here are the results. This is targeted mainly for Australian readers but other readers may find it useful.
Firstly the Australian stores
Torpedo 7 - There was good reports about the store and they also have some excellent specials from time to time.
The [...]

Here is a tip for any cyclist who has had to deal with a bad puncture on the road which has cut the tyre casing. I have found carrying some heavy duty ’sticking plaster’ with me an excellent temporary fix which will get you out of trouble and back home, it is preferable to have [...]